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Truth Summit 20/21 will bring together what Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are attempting to tear apart.  So many creators of truth oriented videos, blogs and pod casts have been terminated, shadow banned and silenced by Youtube and other platforms.  As well as the division, gagging and social distancing of the public.  We do NOT have to stand for this.  We can come together, organize, make a plan and overcome this attempt at 1st amendment "Freedom Of Speech" theft!  And worse...
We are calling for all creators BIG and small that would like to join in the fight and overcome this cowardly method of trying to silence the people who tell the truth about the evil empire we live under.  Right now, we still have great power with the internet...  IF we use it?  Well many of us are pissed enough now to finally put down the arguments we disagree on and focus on what we do agree on.  And what is that you might ask?

1.  The government is a corporation that is out for power & control and is NOT for the people as the constitution calls for.  Even if you do not understand how or why the govt is a corporation, it does not matter, we ALL agree the HIGH majority of the so called govt is ran by evil and psychotic people at the upper levels and they can not be trusted.
2.  The so called Plandemic Psychological Operation currently in full swing underway around the world is not what they say it is..  No matter if there is or is not a virus...  No matter if people are dieing or not...  No matter if something called a virus even exists or not...   No matter what, we know its a set-up and will end with a minimum of the lose of many freedoms and possible many lives, all under the cover of the BIGGEST lie every told in the history of the world.
3.  The vaccination itself will be poisonous in some form or another.  Possibly DNA altering, possible deadly, possibly Nano technology involved, and possible just about anything because we do not know and likely never will know whats really in it. They just want us to shut and take all while using the masses of the sleeping public to create social pressure for us to comply.  Culminating likely in a "Certificate Of Vaccination ID" aka COVID that will be required to travel by Plane, Train, enter a business and possibly worst and even worse possibly ending with some sort of "Mark" on/in the hand or forehead.
4.  We know the people running this and other false flag psychological scams on the people of the entire world are egotistical megalomaniacs.  In short evil, sick people and may or may not even be human like us.  But no matter...  We are agree they are EVIL and are waging a silent, invisible (to most) war against us and have been for a long time.
5.  Division, chaos and population reduction & then world domination is their main goal.  Order Out Of Chaos.  We all know it... Our fore fathers tried to warn us.. "UNITED we stand, Divided we fall", and the high majority fails to hear or heed the warning.  No, we are not ever going to bring together everyone and make a physical stand,  however we can make the BIGGEST and BEST attempt that we can.  If we fail to try, we have FAILED indeed.  Can we make a difference?  Sure but we will never know how much until we UNITE, ORGANIZE and FIGHT!  What is the definition of Insanity?  Can you remind me again?  Ah yes...  "To do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome".

Lastly, there is no leader/Boss in this effort and there are no rules per say.  No one will try to influence another or say your opinion is wrong.  Who knows and has the entire thing figured out 100%?  No one..  Right?  So let us take our shot at taking what we all do to the next level in at least some way.  It's easy to see they want us divided and our spirits broken.  If we join together and support each other better than we have and the best we see fit & fair by our our choice, it will raise our spirits I believe.

Growing Basic List of GOALS for the Truth Summit 20/21

A.  Open communications between creators.  Not forced meetings or attempted controlling of creators time or creations.  Just simply open the communications door.
B.  Creators supporting creators:  If a creator is taken down, other creators can notify the public what happened and where the de-platformed creator can be found.  And if you are the one de-platformed, "We" the other creators will notify everyone and help set you back on your feet.
C.  Inform the public of where each creator is uploading content to currently and what their near future plans are.  Providing links to all locations.  Draw viewers away from Youtube.  We the creators are being pushed out but we can not leave the millions of viewers left in the dark like YouTube likes to do to them.  If we make an effort here, this will be a win for every viewer and every creator.
D.  The Top Most Important Issue the world needs to know.  Each creator to take 10 minutes and present the one or more most important topic/s they feel the world needs to see, understand and focus on.  It is generally not possible for everyone to think the same way, so we all need to agree to disagree on some issues.  My top issue might be yours and I am ok with that but this is a chance for everyone to have a say and lay it on the table for all see.
E. Special Guest Speaker/s:  (To Be Announced)  To speak as an expert on one or more highly important subject matters.
F.  Make available a method for all like minded viewers to be able to connect and locate other like minded individuals or families.  Ever wondered why you can not follow another "commenters/view" on Youtube or follow or connect with them in any way?  Let's fix that.


Truth Summit 20-21 Event Official Schedule:
I have the event schedule set up on a Google Calandar for now.  You can access it by clicking here.

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